加拿大华人论坛 加拿大生活信息Message from Mayor Rob Ford


Dear Friends: For many families in Toronto, April marks the beginning of the season for outdoor recreation and sport activities. A whole range of opportunities exist in Toronto to get active and some families choose to partake in the many sports leagues throughout the City. Over the past few weeks the Councillors and I have heard from residents concerned about sports field permit fees for youth and children for this coming season. I felt we needed to address the matter since most leagues had set their fees for players and budgeted for 2012 before the City's own budget, including the new user fee policy, was passed in January. The purpose of permit fees is to help curb what is known as "blanket" or "block" booking of sports fields. This is the practice of booking a field for more time than is needed or actually used. Block booking limits the number of children and youth who can use those fields. As a Council, we want as many people as possible to be able to use good facilities. That is why I moved a motion to waive those fees that would have been payable for the 2012 season for children and youth. Instead, the amount will be covered by a transfer from salary savings in the non-program budget. Youth and children sports organizations can expect to continue using City fields without new fees being applied in 2012. In addition, staff have been asked to examine how future fees might be applied for field permits and how to make our fields better for everyone without burdening the taxpayer. Getting youth involved in sports has always been a passion of mine. That is why I am looking forward to reviewing the results of those consultations with leagues and sports teams so that we can get more kids on the fields while keeping our facilities in good shape. I would like to invite you to join me at Amesbury Park on Lawrence Avenue west of Keele Street on Saturday April 21, 2012 to partake in "Mayor Rob Ford's Community Clean-up Day". The event will take place between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. So please come out, grab a bag and pitch in to clean up! On a closing note, remember to tune in at 1:00 PM this Sunday for The City on Newstalk 1010. Councillor Ford and I will be covering a wide range of issues and events happening across our great city. Have a great weekend. Yours truly, Mayor Rob Ford 4-13-2012

回复: Message from Mayor Rob Ford 4-5-2012Dear Friends: On Monday, Toronto City Council voted 40 to 1 in favour of ratifying a new contract for CUPE Local 79's full and part-time inside workers. This news comes just weeks after Council voted unanimously to ratify a similar contract with Toronto's outside workers, CUPE Local 416. Each ratified contract will ensure four years without labour disruptions in Toronto. For the residents of Toronto, this means people can continue to rely on important services such as child care, long-term care and garbage collection. The ratified contract with CUPE Local 79 part and full-time employees will result in a total savings of $50 million over the next four years. This will be in addition to the $100 million in savings as a result of a ratified agreement with CUPE Local 416. In total, Toronto taxpayers will save $150 million. Benefits in achieving agreements with CUPE also mean that management and front line workers will now have the ability to deliver customer service excellence in a flexible way. Furthermore, each of these contracts will ensure stability through major international events in Toronto, such as the Pan Am Games. I would like to thank the City's bargaining team that worked night and day to get the most recent agreement with CUPE Local 79 done. Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday; Joe Pennachetti, City Manager; Bruce Anderson, Executive Director of Human Resources; and Bob Reynolds, Chief Negotiator and their staff should be commended. I would also like to thank Toronto's front line workers who understood that these are very difficult economic times and that changes were needed in order for them to continue doing great work for Toronto taxpayers. Finally, I would like to wish you and your families the very best during this holiday weekend. Your's Truly, Mayor Rob Ford

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